Managed IT Infrastructure Services, Consulting and Staffing Solutions

Technology based business challenges do not often fall into tidy categories.  Instead, technology based business challenges are specific to a threat, vulnerability, opportunity or significant need faced by the company to keep pace with emerging technologies. 

At Excelsior Technical Solutions, we seek to understand your specific challenge, identify risk and opportunities and work backwards to provide you with effective IT solutions 

Our Services

Consulting & Projects

Get it done right from the ground up.  Tell us about your project, plan or problem and we will develop the strategy, provide the team, procure the equipment, install and configure the system and provide financial options to achieve your desired outcome.  

Network Solutions

Connectivity is a competitive differentiator

Your business success depends on your ability to leverage emerging technologies. Increased demands on network bandwidth and on–demand services are driving network requirements to an all-time high.  Proper architecture for your network infrastructure is now a requirement. 

Supplemental IT Support 

Managing day-to-day IT operations of a business of any size can challenge staff and current skill set despite your IT team's best efforts.  We can open doors to emerging technologies, expand internal expertise and fill the gaps in staffing.  Excelsior Technical Solutions is your go-to tech team that helps your IT department reach their full potential

IT Staffing Solutions

Staffing requirements and morphing technology certifications need expert insight and experience to ensure business requirements are met, Excelsior Technical Solutions provides the people to get the job done right... every time.

Managed IT Infrastructure  Services

Staying current and competitive in business often means re-evaluating technologies and business solutions.  Companies wanting field-tested experts to mange their technology deployments turn to Excelsior Technical Solutions.  Let us introduce you to a proactive approach to managing your network infrastructure and increase employee productivity.

Cyber Security

Business today floats in the clouds, runs on mobile devices and constantly evolves; this opens the door to all kinds of cyber threats, data protection technology, firewalls, and malware tools to keep your data protected.   Excelsior Technical Solutions is here to strengthen your organizations security posture.


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If your business is looking to partner with a local IT support company that will learn the intimate details of your business technology and process, while also having the experience to manage and advise you on your day-to-day technology challenges, just fill out our contact form below and one of our consultants will contact you shortly.